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Believe it or not, China dolls don’t necessarily come from China. The earliest dolls named China dolls were produced in Germany between 1840 and 1940 and these were typically made of porcelain head. These were at the peak of their popularity during 1840 to 1890.

As with the doll, the Chinese costumes also became hugely popular and till date a lot of people dress themselves up in China doll costumes for Halloween or other costumes party. If you are also looking for a unique yet traditional dress for upcoming Halloween party, consider going for a China doll costume. There is even a sexy avatar to this costume, if you want a bit bolder look.

Welcome to ChinaDollCostume.Com, where transforming you into the beautiful china doll that you’ve always dreamt of being is a reality, not a fantasy!  Whether you’re going for the fun look of the playful and flirtatious Geisha, or you want to look like a doll fresh out of the box, we have the looks for you.  Keep in mind when we say china doll, we’re not actually referring to a China doll – we’re talking about china faced doll – or a doll that has a face made with china (a glass-like material).  In some instances, however, a China doll might be a Geisha, who is a lady of the night, much like a woman in a harem in some countries.

China dolls are highly collectible works of art, and with the right china doll costume, you can look like a work of art, too!  Becoming a china doll can be as simple as dressing the part – complete with matte makeup to give your skin an air brushed look that makes you appear to have come right off the “assembly line” at some factory that makes china dolls!  A china doll costume can feature any type of clothing that you like, depending on the type of doll that you want to dress up as.

Some ideas for china doll costumes include china doll costumes featuring a southern bell doll, with beautiful makeup, coifed hair, and a breezy southern bell dress.  You might also opt for an Asian-inspired doll with black wig, sticks in the hair, and a face that looks like it has been painted on.  For this type of china doll costume, one would go for an oriental themed gown or dress, or loose flowing robe. With the china doll costume, one of the most important aspects of completing the look is flawless makeup and having every hair in place, including your eyebrows!

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This oriental costume is available both for young girls and adult women. For girls it usually comes in one size that fits all. And for women’s size you can buy it in small, medium and large size.

The Adult China Doll costume typically includes a long sleeved (usually red) floral print mandarin collar dress with black lace trim and a matching waist sash. For a complete China Doll look it is recommended to spend some extra bucks and get yourself a pair of matching China Doll high heel shoes as well as a typical Chinese doll wig. If you are looking for a bit sexier avatar, you can opt for that China doll costume that includes a mini skirt with slits, a bra, and bolero jacket. Add ons with this dress include stockings, garters and chopsticks, which need to be bought separately.

Dressed up as a China Doll, you are sure to create Oriental magic in the Halloween party this season.

China Doll Halloween Costume

A provocative and memorable Halloween idea involves creativity as well as a high level of imagination. It is a common sight to see individuals wearing costume like vampire, witch, walking-dead, or werewolf, however these are anything but unique costume ideas. If you really want people to appreciate you this Halloween and make your Halloween evening an everlasting memory, you shouldn’t do to mistake of going for regular or common costumes worn by every second person during the Halloween season. Rather you should let your creative juices run and think of some unique and novel costume ideas.

One such novel idea would be to dress yourself up in a China doll costume. Though China doll costumes definitely are oriental-inspired costumes, the dolls itself didn’t originally came from China. German was the country that started manufacturing them long back in 1840s. They have been hugely popular since then. When it comes to China doll costumes, there are endless variations of the costume available. From a bikini kind of China doll costume to a knee length collar dress, you can opt for any look that you prefer. Even though the size and style of the dress may be different, its cloth material (usually polyester), its print and its finishing make it easy for anyone to instantly recognize that it is none other than a China doll costume. For instance, one type of China doll costume includes a corset, mini skirt and bolero jacket, the other type of China doll costume, which is a bit more traditional and sophisticated, would include a long sleeved mandarin collar dress with a lace trim and a matching waist sash.

Whatever style of China doll costume you go for, you can have it in small, medium and large sizes. What more, you can even buy them in sizes for toddler and young girls.

So this Halloween, spread your Oriental charm in the Halloween party by dressing yourself up in a China doll Halloween costume. Have Fun!

Accessorizing Your Costume

Get the look of a genuine China Doll with various different accessories. Your China Doll costume will be complete when you choose accessories such as a wig. Choose a wig with dark hair preferably in a bun style in order to get the realistic China Doll look. Placing two stick hair accessories in a criss-crossed pattern will intensify the effect you are wanting. For a Geisha look, you could choose a wig with long flowing dark hair. Most China Dolls can be seen holding a decorative fan with various scenes or symbols as the decoration. This would be a great accessory for your China Doll costume.

Measuring for Your Costume

Get your Geisha on, in style and comfort, by ordering the right size China doll costume! It is important when you are ordering your costume to get the right size. Nothing is worse than being bound too tightly, although in some parts of China, the practice of binding the feet is still undertaken! Measure your waist, hips and chest, at their widest points and then compare those to the product size listing or size chart. If in doubt, be sure to order ‘up’ a size, since it is better for a costume to be too big than it is for it to be too little.
China dolls, originally produced in Germany, were made with porcelain heads and were extremely popular during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Along with the dolls, the costumes are extremely popular and many people like dressing up in them. There are a range of china doll Halloween costumes like the Geisha costume, the Southern bell doll costume that comes with a typical southern bell dress and coifed hair, dolls that look Asian with black hair and many more to suit different tastes. The costumes are usually made of polyester and the china doll clothing like bolero jackets, skirts, etc. come in different sizes to suit even toddlers and young girls.

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